Sara Díaz Vergara (Spain, 1991) obtained a Degree in Fine Arts from Complutense University of Madrid and studied Editorial Illustration at ESDIP_ (Superior School of Professional Drawing). Currently, she is working on her own artistic project, which goes along oneiric territories and is based on psychoanalytic theories. Her artwork reflects her interest in certain scientific disciplines such as anatomy or biology.

“The study of comparative mythology shows humankind as a unity. The same symbols appear and remain in cultures from all around the globe. These symbols come from a common place, which is located in our unconscious. Through my artistic work, I intend to reformulate symbols related to these mythological systems from a contemporary point of view and to give them a new reading, thereby creating an enclave of ideas related to everyone. The repetition of specific symbols gives us an overall picture that defines us as a species. The reproduction of patterns and the concept of repetition are constant within my work.”



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